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In the last 5 years TV has increased revenues by $64 m while newspapers have lost $129 m and the internet has gained $247 million. And search has been the big winner.

As the landscape expands and audiences constantly change and update the way they interact with both media and brands, cookie-cutter solutions are becoming less and less effective.

We’re living in an age where almost anything is not just possible, but feasible and for that reason we treat every project as something unique that requires an equally unique solution.

Together with our partners we explore new, exciting ways to create meaningful, lasting connections with customers. We understand people and we understand what drives them.

We disrupt, we gain attention, we engage and we involve, and we get a big thrill doing it. So if you want to do something a little bit different that’s going to get big results, we’d love to work with you.

Meet Kevin

Kevin Blight is not only the leader of MediaMAP, he is a leader in the Australasian media industry. Known for his vast experience, significant media connections, creative strategies and personable demeanor, Kevin is highly regarded by both clients and media professionals.

  • Kevin is without a doubt one of the most insightful, strategically orientated and client focused CEOs and Media Directors in the Australasian Media Industry. He brings a wonderful integrity and wealth of experience to all his business dealings and has a rare gift for being able to develop and implement media and business strategy across a range of industries.

    Jeff Latch, TVNZ

  • Kevin Blight is one of the sharpest operators in NZ media today. He has a formidable knowledge of the media market in both this country and Australia and has a reputation as one of the most savvy media buyers in NZ.

    Joan Withers, Independent Director and Former CEO of Fairfax Media

  • Kevin has leveraged old-school media placement with next generation digital strategy in a seamless and highly creative way. His demand for the best possible deal for his clients is passionate and dedicated. I will continue to utilise Kevin’s passion and experience in media to grow our brands, products and market share.

    Adrian Hatt, Group Marketing Manager, Instant Finance

  • Kevin Blight is openly regarded as one of New Zealand's media gurus. His stellar career has seen him lead a number of New Zealand media companies, culminating in a long partnership with Harold Mitchell, Australian media icon. Kevin's incisive mind and strategic skills have built him a loyal following of major clients. As the media world struggles with digital disruption, Kevin's view of this world, balanced with his considerable savvy and experience, are invaluable.

    Roger MacDonnell, Colenso founder and company director

  • I have worked with Kevin for over 10 years in a media buying capacity alongside various agencies. Kevin has been a common link over that period. He has been fantastic to work with and added significant value through his strategic media planning, robust implementation and monitoring. Kevin thinks outside the square, bringing ideas to the table with a genuine desire and drive to improve the position of his client’s businesses.

    Troy Smith, Marketing Manager, Winstone Wallboards

Our Services

We are a Media Activation Planning company. We use creativity to plan media campaigns, doing everything possible to engage your audience with your brand.

Our solutions range from advertisements to sponsorships, to events to guerilla, to user-generated material to mobile – we’re flexible on the medium, we’re unyielding on the results. We find ways to disrupt, gain attention, engage and involve. And we do all that by identifying when your audience is most receptive and what the most relevant message is. This is how we do it:

Research & Consumer Insight

Before you can connect with your audience, you need to understand them. With the help of our research partners, we gather and review information, look for trends, threats and opportunities and get to know your customers and their triggers.

Finding the best consumer insight can be achieved a number of ways, so we look at each project with a fresh eye, judging what the right course of action is for your particular objective. Whether we’re reviewing the latest Nielsen and Roy Morgan research, analysing and evaluating the market environment or conducting a consumer workshop, we discover how best to efficiently and effectively get your customers’ attention and increasingly engage them with your brand. With research comes insight, and with experience comes a fresh perspective. Together with our research partners, we’ve got the two covered.


This is where we get into the “planning and activation” part of your project, strategizing how the creative execution can be made to make your brand more appealing and relevant to your audience. We outline the full range of channel opportunities and their strengths and weaknesses in meeting your objectives; we consider both yours and your competitors’ current messaging and media usage, and then we work with your creative partners to produce unique media communications that not only get your audience’s attention, but fully engage them with your brand.

Media Buying

After creating a cohesive strategy, we work with our partners to negotiate great prices and purchase appropriate media. It may be to interrupt or to more fully engage; it may be to build awareness, brand preference or to make a sale. The fundamentals revolve around engaging the right target at the right time with the right message for the least amount of money spent. Measurability is key, if you’re not feeding back results into strategy you’re wasting your money. In real-time, campaigns can evolve to produce the highest possible results.


We have exceptional partners that we work with to create and execute the best possible media communications. Part of our role is to be the interface between you and our independent operators that will go on to execute the agreed strategies and plans. We manage the relationships on your behalf, ensuring that all work is delivered on time, within budget and that the suppliers’ invoices are accurate and all of your expectations are met.

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